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We work accross many verticals and have the success stories to show for it.
(A few bumps and bruises too!)
Financial Services
By digitising regulatory processes we make global banks have full transparency of compliance.
Financial Services

In complex organisations, especially financial services, compliance processes require approvals that can be complex. Our global banking customer had this problem. They had many desperate processes with complex sign-offs, some being collected on paper. This took an army of analysts to chase and cost a fortune to run.

We are able to consolidate multiple processes, simplify the solution, and make it easy for approvals to be captured. By doing so, we took a process with 70+ steps taking weeks to complete, and replace it with 15 steps that is completed in a matter of days.

This resulted in happier staff, better transparency, and predictability of timelines. The efficiency savings was in the millions.

Process Automation
  • Happier Staff and Management
  • Simplified and Consolidated Processes
  • Created Transparency
  • Less Bureaucracy
  • Speed up the time to approve
  • Annual efficiency savings of 3M
LightningPMO is allowing insurance to focus on strategy, not get stuck in the weeds.

Our high-street insurance customer was struggling maintaining their maturity gains. They found their PMO was spending all of its time chasing timesheets and status reports. This never ending effort for data completeness meant no time was spent supporting the strategic.

By implementing the LightningPMO managed service we were able to support the PMO director by reducing her grunt work, deliver solid processes and technology. We backed them up with good PMO Analysts to chase and quality assure the data.

This allowed her to focus on supporting the strategic portfolio decisions. Resulting vast maturity gains. Most important of all, when she got promoted she know that her function would continue to operate constantly.

LightningPMO Managed Service
  • Lower predictable costs
  • Data compliance and quality Assurance
  • Robust processes and technology
  • Made it easy
  • The PMO director became more strategic, and got promoted.
We created a demand management process that made prioritisation easy.

Complex government organisations have lots of customers, both internal and external. Our public sector customer had piles of spreadsheets to manage thier demands, and needlessly spent time and effort doing feasibility on needs that where never implemented due to cost or fit.

We created a demand management solution that allowed for standarisation of approach, clear Service Level Agreements and easy assessment of need. This provided early screens and a framework for prioritisation.

The end result was a transparency of demand that allowed for better communication with all intrested parties, and a lower cost of delivery.

Demand Management
  • Improved customer perception
  • Created a standard front-door
  • Transparency
  • Apples-to-apples comparison
  • 15% Lower cost of delivery
Distributed manufacturing requires a solid framework for resource management.

When you manufacture the parts for an aircraft in multiple locations and in multiple countries, how do you know you will be on time and budget? Our defence customer's greatest concern was the resourcing required by each of the teams. If the right people and parts were not available at the right time, they might miss a key deadlines resulting in financial penalties.

By creating an integrated human resources, material resources and milestone plan we were able to provide robust planning visibility that created the backbone for team communication.

This creates early identification of delays and bottlenecks, and focused conversations on solutions and not problems.

Integrated Resource Planning
  • Feeling of Control
  • Integrated Planning
  • Resource transparency
  • Better communication
  • On time delivery
We create better relationships between IT and Business with Cost Transparency.

"Why does IT cost me so much? It would be cheaper for me procure externally." was a frequent statement made by the business to IT in our global commodities customer. Planning and recharge across many legal entities and cost centres meant IT cost was hard to explain, and finance could provide limited detail.

We implemented full IT cost transparency by creating a set ITIL processes integrated them with financial planning and recharge. This allowed for the business to understand future IT planned cost and receive a Statement of IT explaining their detailed actual costs.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual financial processes were halved in time and effort. The result was a better relationship between IT and business.

IT Cost Transparency
  • Better relationship with the Business
  • ITIL process model
  • Financial planning and allocation
  • Statement of IT
  • 3M annual ROI
A global MI and governance framework allows for global visibility and regional control.

Our global pharmaceutical customer struggled to get a global picture of their organisation due to different ways of working in each region and country. Either no data existed or different levels meant it was not fit for a global picture.

We creating a global management information framework, backed by a solution for regions to maintain, collect and collaborate. End users participated in simple to use tools that focused on 10 min chunks of process participation to keep collection of data easy. Regional hubs had simple governance check points.

The end result was a common reporting framework that allowed for transparency up to the board and decision makers, but kept the flexibility for the local execution to be effective.

Management Information Framework
  • Better global discussions
  • Standardised MI
  • Simple and painless technology
  • Global and regional governance
  • 2M Annual efficiency savings
We create frameworks to help transformation programmes manage people and cost.

During a 5 year transformation programme, our global manufacturing customer struggled with keeping a hold of a labour force being supplied by multiple external organisations. Invoiced costs from externals were frequently higher than the planned costs.

We created a resource management framework that ensured proper on-boarding of external suppliers, integrated high level and detailed planning, and enable solid approvals and governance of actual labour time and costs.

The result was the identification of 90K/day of labour cost from external suppliers that were not in the customer's plan. The end savings was over 18M.

Resource and Supplier Management
  • Made it easy to control the programme
  • Planning and resource management
  • Approvals and governance
  • Financial reconciliation
  • over 18M in savings
By connecting front-end innovation with long range planning, we enable predictability.

Our global retail brand, was given a challenge by the board and CEO - double sales in 5 years. How? How many different things need to be done? How do we know we are on track?

We created an ideation solution that was connected with long range planning and goal management. This allowed for the innovative ideas to be collected from both internal and external sources. They could be examined for commonality to decide where the best ideas where, and assessed against the long range plan.

The marketing innovation team was able to demonstrate to the board the plan, progress, and eventually hit the goal.

Innovation and Long Range Planning
  • Confidence on the plan
  • Front end of innovation
  • Goal management
  • Idea-to-market tracking
  • Doubled units sold
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Technology solutions and services for business to manage process, people and financials

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